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the better cousin...

When Things Start To Wear You Down...

Timeline: September 2007 and onwards.
Characters: Alphonsine Claris, Faiz Claris, Cadence Griffin and others.
Place[s]: Hogwarts and Hogsmeade... maybe others.

Current Place: Library, Hogwarts.

Pho was sitting cross-legged on the floor in a corner of the library, somewhere near the Mythology and History sections of the library. It was her only sanctuary in school now, apart from her small place in the girl's (Fifth Year) dorm. She felt utterly disgusted with herself and was angry at her father, uncle Horatio and aunt Jeanette.

Why would they ever do something like that to me... to us? I hate them!

She sat there on the floor reading a book on some mythology or something, she couldn't remember what though... well that and sulking.
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Having threatened a First Year to tell him where his so-called cousin was, Faiz entered the library, looking quite enraged. One of his friends made an attempt to talk to him but he pushed him away, looking around for her. He spotted his cousin sitting on the floor reading, probably gloating in her success, probably glad that she had ruined his friendship and dissolve his ties with his father.

Faiz walked to her, bent down, and snatched the book, tossing it aside. "Are you happy now?"
She didn't even hear the footsteps coming towards her, didn't even know anyone was there until they snatched her book and threw it aside. She looked up to see Faiz, who looked... well to put it mildly, he looked angry.

"I beg your pardon?" she said, rather curious as to what he was going on about.
"You heard me," he snapped. "You were in this with our bitch of a step aunt, weren't you?" His eyes flashed as he pointed a finger at her. "Don't you dare deny it; you know it's true. You were all in this, you're just like them, all you want is the bloody money, well you can have them, I DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT!" he yelled so loudly that people turned to watch them.

How dare they do this to me? he thought, clenchng his fists.
She looked at Faiz confusedly and worried. He thought she had a hand in all of this? The very thought of that was just ridiculous.

"I didn't have anything to do with this and you bloody well know it," she said, upset that he would think that and got up off the floor glaring at him angrily. "I am nothing like them and for your information I don't give a bloody damn about the money."
"I knew you would deny it," said he snidely. "What are you going to tell me next, that you didn't actually drank the potion and had the same effecs? That you didn't trick me? Your lies are blatant and obvious and there is no way you can convince me." Faiz narrowed his eyes. "You care about the money, because you're the oldest grandchild. Obviously it must have stuck in your head that you deserve the inheritance. Well you can go ahead and have it, you gold digger, because working with diamonds just seems to be the most unimpressive occupation I've ever known." he smirked.
"DO YOU THINK I'M HAPPY ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?" she shouted, not caring now if anyone could hear her. "If you think that's all I care about then you must be more stupid than I thought. I don't give a damn about the money, the inheritance or anything to do with that at all."

Pho was getting upset by this, she didn't understand it at all, she wanted to scream, cry, just anything to get rid of what she was feeling. But she didn't want to cry in front of everyone.
"I'm not stupid and I know you're happy about it!" He shouted right back, more loudly than she did. "And why are you looking upset? Are you going to keep on lying to me by crying? Is that who you really are? Do you even know how degrading it is to try to explain to my best friend, who, thanks to you despises me now, about the love potion but not being able to because of our stupid family name?! You don't know anything; you don't know how I feel."

And that stabbing pain hit his heart once more as he remembered the way Julie was looking at him.
"Why would I lie to you?" she asked. "Where would be the point in that?"

She sniffed a little, trying to keep her emotions in check, but it was getting harder to do that and control her anger. Her hands rested by her side, clenched together in fists.

"You're standing here blaming me and you're not even going to blame our fathers?" she asked, as she had sort of guessed by now that their fathers had had a hand in this.


12 years ago


12 years ago

Cade was taking his usual walks at the Hogwarts' grounds, hoping to meet his cousin (to vex her) or Pho. And there she was, but Cade didn't expect her to be crying. He was sure that she was crying even though he was a distance away from her. After all, he had two over-emotional sisters. He had wanted to flirt with her, but since she was miserable - well, let's just say that he had this urge to be responsible and cheer her up.

And so he walked towards her, crouched down next to her and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "What happened, Pho?"

Usually people would say 'are you all right?' but that was out of the question. She wasn't all right.
She didn't want to go back into the school, not for a while at least and she didn't want to see her cousin again. With just a single thought she started crying again, realising she didn't even have anyone she could talk to. Once again she couldn't even hear the approaching footsteps of Cade.

"He... he thought I was in on it... He was yelling," she said, trying not to sound hysterical. "I got angry though... I... punched him..."

She didn't even realise she wasn't making any sense.
In on what? Cade wondered but made no attempt to ask her. He suspected that it had something to do with her family; his sister Carina had owled her about some sort of scheme the Clarises had been doing. And it was best not to comment at that moment anyway, though he was a little amused that she had punched someone. Amazing girl. He put his hand around her shoulder and pulled her close to him.

"It'll be all right," he told her comfortingly.
"No it won't," she said, sniffling a little and not even protesting when he pulled her close to him. "He hates me... He hates me as much as I'm hating my father, uncle and step-aunt... I... I don't want to be here anymore..."

To anyone it might sound like she was contemplating suicide, but really she just meant she didn't want to be at Hogwarts. Especially after the spectacle in the library, everyone would be gossiping about them and she wouldn't be able to stop them.

I hate them... I hate them so much...
"Who cares if he hates you? That's his problem," he said defensively, holding her hand tightly. I think I'm unconciously flirting, but I don't think she'd notice anything, he thought, only hoping that she wouldn't be offended. Cade couldn't help but notice that she acually looked -- beautiful when she was sad, although he was aware that it was wrong to think that way.

"I want you to be here, so you won't be going anywhere," he told her without thinking. "And I can beat him up if you'd like."

Whoever the bastard is...
She shook her head almost violently so when Cade had said he'd beat Faiz up, "No... you mustn't beat Faiz up... It'll just make things worse."

She found it a little strange that she was feeling a little better whilst he was around, seeing as she thought she wouldn't ever feel better even if someone were to comfort her.

"I don't want to be here at Hogwarts," she said. "A-at least not right now..."
Cade stood up and offered his hand. "Then let's go to Hogsmeade to cheer you up. After all, it is a weekend and I'm sure no one would notice." He smiled impishly. He knew that he probably wasn't doing a good job, but.. at least he was trying.
She thought about it a moment and realised she should take the opportunity, it would take her mind off things if only for a while. Pho stood up slowly and wiped at her face with the sleeve of her robes, putting her own hand in Cade's.

"Alright," she said, smiling weakly.
As Cade led her out of the Hogwarts grounds towards Hogsmeade, he wondered where to go, and vaguely thought of going somewhere private. But that would be inappropriate... And he didn't want to upset her more by kissing her. Kissing her? Cade raised one eyebrow. Yes, kissing her. Oh why don't you shut up and say snog.

"Where do you want to go?" he asked as they finally reached the village.
She walked besides Cade silently, it wasn't that she didn't really want to talk just that she wasn't sure what to talk about. Anything except about what happened and she'd be fine.

"Oh... um..." she said, not having any idea as to where she'd like to go. "I'm not sure... Sorry."
"You don't need to apologise," he told her re-assuringly. "We can go to the Three Broomsticks, if you'd like. They say that a tankard of butterbeer can cheer someone up in a jiffy." Cade winked and smiled, hoping that he could lighten her up, for she certainly looked miserable.

"And it'll be my treat, of course."
"Sure, that sounds good," she said, smiling a little. "Well if it's your treat, maybe I ought to order something more expensive?"

Well there we are, she thought to herself. I must be feeling better if I'm making jokes now...

She knew eventually she'd feel a lot better, but the thought of what happened would still be there in the back of her mind slowly waiting to creep up on her.
"What? You're already taking advantage of me, young lady?" Cadence threw her a mock-contempt look before tugging on a strand of her hair playfully and taking her hand, leading her to the Three Broomsticks. He knew he was probably treating her like his own sister, but somehow he didn't feel all 'brotherly'. And for some reason he really was having urges of wanting to kiss her whenever she looked at him.

He opened the door for her. "Ladies-who-take-advantage-of-poor-souls-aka-me, first," he said jokingly.
"Who me?" she said, smiling and looking as innocent as possible. "You're the one who put the offer up, Sir. You've got no one to blame but yourself."

She gave him a grin before walking through the door and entered the Three Broomsticks, looking around for a table. Pho walked over to one that was near a corner in the back of the pub.
Once they had found a table at the back, Cade got up to order the drinks, looking around the Three Broomsticks. There were hardly anyone around, which was a relief, really. At least he could be alone with her for some time. He was already old enough not to have those 'I-want-to-date-her-but-I'm-afraid-it-won't-work.' He knew that in life he had to try.

And anyway, she was pureblood.

He went back to their seats when he was done, setting down their tankards. "Here you go," he said, sitting down.
"Thanks," she said, smiling gratefully when Cade had returned with their drinks.

Pho took a drink of her butterbeer, feeling a little better. "So I'm curious, but what were you doing up at Hogwarts anyway?" she asked.

She had found it a little strange that he had been wandering around Hogwarts, considering he wasn't even a student there.
"Well if you haven't noticed I live very near Hogwarts," he replied, taking a sip off his butterbeer. "And I got a letter from my parents; so I took a long walk. I like taking walks when I get a letter from them."

Shan't tell her that they're usually pissed off with me in their letters for not working for the Ministry.

"I think they really, really want me to work for the Ministry," he finally said.
"Oh. They're not happy with you living in Hogsmeade then?" she asked tentatively. "Why the Ministry?"

Sounds rather like my family... In that they want me to work in the family business... And then there's... Father and the stupid inheritance. I can't wait until that is all over and done with, then we can move on...
Cadence shrugged. "Because my father works at the Ministry, my father's father worked at the Ministry and his father's father too. Basically they love the Ministry they're ready to drop dead for those suckers." He smiled impishly, knowing that he was using not-so-nice-words but he would always get like this when talking about the sodding British Ministry of Magic.

"Don't worry, if I do work there, I'll get a really nice job."
"Sounds like the same situation I'm in, only for me it's a diamond business," she said and then smiled a little at what he said next. "A nice job that you'll probably end up hating or not. I suppose if it's something you like doing it won't matter."

Pho still wasn't even sure what she wanted to do with her life, tough at the moment she wanted to apparate away to one of the family mansions and just hide out for a while.

Maybe I should just ask Grandfather, she thought to herself, smiling at her idea.
"Diamond business isn't so bad," he told her. "My aunt's friend worked for your company a couple of years ago and got big Galleons off it. She also said that the people there were actually nice to her. But my aunt is the kind of person that holds a knife and threatens everyone to obey her or DIE type of lady so it's hard to tell." He smirked. Women.

He placed a hand on her shoulder, having sat himself next to her (since he had never been comfortable sitting opposite a girl, which was very strange of him, really). "I'm sure you'll know what to do. You're smart, pretty, nice, and -- charismatic. God I'm even asking myself why I'm using that word. But it's true. I know you won't believe me because all the compliments I paid to you over the summer but I just want to clarify that it's true."
"Your aunt's friend obviously never met my father or uncle," she said a little angrily, before calming herself down.

For once she couldn't even help but redden a little at his compliments, especially given how much she had rebuked them over the summer.

"Thank you," she said, smiling a little shyly and she drank some more of her butterbeer. It was almost empty.
"You're welcome," he muttered, wondering how he had wounded himself into complimenting this girl far too much. But he couldn't help it - he was being honest, and maybe for the first time of his life too. All right, he was exaggerating. He had met amazing girls before, but Pho was different. He didn't know why but she just was. She was just not easily fooled when he tried to flatter her.

And now he couldn't help but lean closer to her and brushing his lips against hers.

Pho froze the moment his lips brushed against her own, it wasn't that she hated it but simply that because of what recently happened she was just... scared of being hurt like that again. She didn't know what to say so quickly she pulled away and got up from her chair running from the pub.

She frowned as she looked up at the sky after having felt numerous raindrops fall upon her head. Just wonderful, she thought as she ran left of the Three Broomsticks.
Cade was suprised (and his ego bursted a little) when Pho pulled herself away from him. He opened his mouth to ask her what was wrong but never got a chance because she had gotten up and ran away. Since when did girls ran away from him when he tried to kiss them? Since never. He sat there, slightly dumbfounded, before getting up and running after her.

It was raining too, unfortunately. He had never liked rain. Cade looked around for her, and turned left. He sighed in relief when he saw her standing by herself. Knowing that he would not be heard because of the rain that pounded the ground, he walked to her, tentatively placing both hands on her shoulder before hugging her.

Her long hair was flat and was just hanging either side of her head, totally drenched by the rain. But for some strange reason she didn't really care at all. Besides all she kept thinking about now was just when Cade kissed her and all she did was run away.

I'm so stupid...

She didn't really react when Cade had walked towards her and placed his hands on her shoulder before hugging her. But she felt a little comforted by the action.

"I'm... sorry," she mumbled, not even sure that he had heard her.
Cade could only make out what she was saying in the pouring rain, but he was certain that she had apologised. He wanted to tell her that it was his fault, but it wasn't in his nature to just admit his mistake. He gently pushed her away and turned her around, leaning forward slowly so that she had a choice whether or not to kiss him.

He had never pictured himself having to kiss in the rain, but it wasn't so bad after all.
He was giving her a choice, she would hate to have to admit it but she was surprised by that, a choice that she felt if she were to decline she wouldn't really get that choice again. She blinked a little as the rain poured down on them trickling down her face as she let out a small breath she didn't even know she was holding.

You're being too slow...

Slowly she reached out with her right hand and with the back of it she lightly caressed his cheek, not sure why she was doing that but it made her smile. And leaning forward, that small distance between them closing, she brushed her lips against his slowly but surely.
Faiz Cade smiled into the kiss; he had predicted that she would kiss him. Of course, he wasn't being all boastful about it, but it was nice to have the girl you like kissing you. He placed his hands on her hips, pulling her closer (if that was possible). It was getting pretty cold, but he didn't really care. He liked having this moment with her, and he preferred prolonging it.

But he wasn't that insensitive. He pulled away from her slowly, and rather hesitantly.

"Would you like to come over to my place?" he asked. "It's pretty near and it would save you the trouble."

He was inviting her to go his place.

He was inviting her to go to his place. He was probably asking for trouble from Vasser but he knew that the man wasn't there so...
She knew some of the implications that would come about by her accepting his offer, but she found herself wanting to go anyway. Before the whole potion thing had happened she was already beginning to like him, so she thought that maybe this wouldn't be wrong at all.

"Sure, okay," she replied. "And save me the trouble of what?"
He knew that when a girl started asking questions when he invited her to come over, it would mean that the girl was suspicious. Well there was nothing to be suspicious about, he didn't have degrading behaviour when girls came to his place. "From the rain," he answered her, chuckling softly, then tugged on a strand of her wet hair. "Silly."
She stuck her tongue out at Cade. "I'm not silly. So which way to your place then?"

Pho still remembered what had happened before at Hogwarts, would probably always remember, but right then she was definitely happier than she had been for a long while.

I just hope it last that way, at least for a while...
Once they had arrived at his and Xavier's cottage, Cade took out his keys and unlocked the door, leading her in. "Well, here we are," he muttered, looking around for signs of his housemate. Fortunately for them both, he wasn't there. He took out his wand and waved it at Pho, muttering a drying spell so that her clothes were dry, and did it to himself too.

He smiled at her apologetically. "Maybe I should have realised earlier that it almost always rains here in Scotland."
"Thanks," she said. "It's alright, not your fault. I'm kind of used to all the rain now, well mostly."

She felt better now that she was dry, even if her hair was still a little wet. She took a quick look around the cottage, finding it to be rather neat and she wasn't all that surprised seeing as Cade always appeared to be a neat person.
Cade quirked an eyebrow. "Used to it?" he smiled before moving closer to her, wanting to kiss her again. It was most relieving that his housemate wasn't there. "Will you be used to me kissing you everytime I meet you?" he smiled, holding her hand tightly.

My God, I am turning into a sap.

And for some reason, he liked it.
"Well that depends," she said, smirking afterwards. "How often you plan on meeting me?"

Her mood had most definitely improved now, as she was genuinely happier and she was now teasing Cade. She smiled up at him, as she took Cade's other hand into her own.

"As much as I can," he said softly before kissing her once more, this time deeply. Cade pushed her gently against the wall so that they were both comfortable - snogging. He was used to this anyway, but he had never felt better about kissing someone, which was very strange.

Then again she had always had that strange effect on him.
"I'll be looking forward to it then," she managed to reply before being kissed once again.

She'd never really done this sort of thing before and was of the opinion that the potion incident didn't count at all. But she found herself liking it and slowly wrapped one arm around his neck, resting her hand against the base of his neck as she kissed him back.
Cade deepened his kiss, deciding that if there were audiences watching them at the moment, they would surely be told off to get a room. That was the difference though; they was nobody in the house, except for them. I could really get used to this, he thought, smiling into the kiss for an instant; one of his hands sliding underneath her blouse to touch the skin underneath it. Soft, he smiled once more, kissing her intensely than before.
Pho continued to kiss Cade, not even aware of anything else happening around them. She was rather surprised at herself and how comfortable she was with this, after all this was her first time doing this sort of thing. And like all things she spoke too soon, for the moment Cade's hand slid underneath her blouse she froze.

It wasn't that she found it uncomfortable, she just didn't know how to react to the simple action.
Just as his hands were roaming her back, he noticed that she had stopped kissing him. Frowning slightly, Cade pulled back, giving her a questioning look. He wondered whether she was out of breath - hell, both of them were out of breath. His face was flushed, and he was breathing heavily. He couldn't help but feel a little relieved that he had pulled away from her for a moment. "What's wrong?" he asked, kissing her neck gently before looking at her again, knowing that he didn't do anything wrong. Girls liked him kissing them, and he knew he was a good kisser.

Maybe there was something she was unsure of.
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