the better cousin... (pho_claris) wrote in kissingcousins,
the better cousin...

When Things Start To Wear You Down...

Timeline: September 2007 and onwards.
Characters: Alphonsine Claris, Faiz Claris, Cadence Griffin and others.
Place[s]: Hogwarts and Hogsmeade... maybe others.

Current Place: Library, Hogwarts.

Pho was sitting cross-legged on the floor in a corner of the library, somewhere near the Mythology and History sections of the library. It was her only sanctuary in school now, apart from her small place in the girl's (Fifth Year) dorm. She felt utterly disgusted with herself and was angry at her father, uncle Horatio and aunt Jeanette.

Why would they ever do something like that to me... to us? I hate them!

She sat there on the floor reading a book on some mythology or something, she couldn't remember what though... well that and sulking.
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She smiled shyly and was blushing, not just from what she was feeling but because she felt rather inexperienced and she wasn't sure what Cade was used to.

"Nothing's wrong..." she started off a little nervously, sort of liking the feeling of him kissing her neck. "It's just, I've never... done this... before."

Now I wonder what he'll say to that...
"Done what? This?" He kissed her forcedfully, his hand making its way underneath her blouse, lifting it slightly for demonstration. He pulled away, giving her an innocent look. "Was that what you meant, m'lady?" He smiled a little at her naiveness. There was nothing wrong with it, of course. Just... well.. he was easily amused, he supposed.
She gasped at what Cade did next, taken by surprise and yet... she found herself enjoying it. She nodded soundlessly, not trusting herself to speak right now. That and it felt to her as if he was amused by her naievty.

Makes me feel just a little bit worse...
Uh-oh, bet she's feeling awkward now.

He took her hand and led her towards one of the couches, making her sit down. "We don't have to do anything you don't like," he said, though inside he actually wanted to keep on snogging her, but Cade knew that being persistent was wrong. That, and she wasn't even sixteen... yet. He kissed her forehead gently.

Damn it.
She smiled a little as she sat down next to Cade. "It's not that I don't like it, because I do," she said sheepishly. "It's just... I'm not quite sure what to do."

Pho hoped he wasn't all that disappointed with her and her naievity. Even though she didn't want to remember the love potion incident, she had to admit with Cade it was... well... so much better.

Maybe because that whole thing I found myself liking him...
He stroke her blond hair gently. "It's fine," he muttered. Was it a guy's job to tell a girl how to snog along? Not really. Maybe she could find it out for herself; it would be embarrassing to actually teach her. She would find out that he had snogged.. plenty of other people before.

"So we're an item now?" he grinned impishly before kissing her on the lips softly and quickly.
She smiled against his lips as he kissed her, not being able to reply before he had done so.

"I guess we are," she replied. "If you're asking me that is."

Pho then wanted to... well she wasn't sure whether to ask first or just go ahead and do it. Well I'm not going to get anywhere if I don't take chances, she thought to herself. So she just leant over and kissed him passionately, though a little hesitant, as she was leaning towards him one hand rested on the couch whilst the other on his thigh. It was just an automatic thing to steady herself.
Cade found himself being pushed back and kissed (how many kisses now?) once again, and this time he didn't even try to kiss her. Maybe he was just good like that. Dwelling in your own greatness won't get you anywhere right now, he told himself, as his lips moved to kiss her back, placing both hands on her back and pushing as her close as possible that even her hair got into his eyes.

This is comfortable, he sighed softly, his lips leaving hers to kiss her neck repeatedly.
Pho was a little worried at first, but then sighed and smiled as Cade was kissing her back. She was little uncomfortable as he pushed her as close as possible to him. So she manoeuvred herself gently until she was sitting in his lap.

There. Much more comfortable, she thought, sighing as he started kissing her neck repeatedly.
Cade pulled away, brushing a few strands of her hair off her face, smiling slightly. "Moving too fast now, are we?" he cheekily said, kissing her neck once more. "You don't want me to end up in Azkaban, do you?" He grinned even more, then laughed. It had been a long time since he actually laughed sincerely about something.
She stuck her tongue out at him. "It's not my fault, it was a little uncomfortable. Can't help it if your lap is more comfortable. And I hardly doubt you'd end up in Azkaban. If so I'd just have to find someway to get you out wouldn't I."

She watched amusedly as Cade just laughed.
He stopped laughing once he realised that he was probably laughing too much. "Hmm... well I'm glad to have someone who wants to come save me, even if I don't really need the saving," he said, winking.
"Well if that's how you feel, than maybe I'll just leave you to rot in Azkaban. And will see to it no one else helps you, as like you said you don't really need the saving," she said teasingly, but couldn't help but grin.

~~~~~~~~~****Timeskip to June 2008****~~~~~~~~~

Well she'd gone and done it. She'd asked her Grandfather privately if it would be alright to have one of the family's mansions to herself for the entire summer, just her and a few house elves to keep the place clean. Surprisingly he'd agreed.

So there she was sitting on the patio just in front of the pool at the Italy mansion, writing a letter to Cade just to inform her of where she was, that she was alone but enjoying herself and then finished it off with 'From, Pho'. Then after a thought she added a postscript asking if he'd like to come visit.
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