faiz_claris (faiz_claris) wrote in kissingcousins,

Grandfather's House III

OOC: Why do I always post first? :P

He was done with walking around the courtyard (aimlessly) and now it was time to do something else. Faiz had eaten lunch right after he took that walk, although he didn't have it with either Grandmother or Pho. He liked eating alone. It meant that no one could witness his table manners.

Not that it was that bad. It was just that it wasn't good enough.

Once he had finished his lunch, he went to his room, and sat down on the bed to revise Transfiguration, since he was taking it for the NEWTs next year. But then, reading had him bored, and an hour later he trooped downstairs and went to the swimming pool.

It was an indoor swimming pool, and it was one of his favorite places. He didn't really know how to swim well (his father had to save him a couple of times when he was young) but looking at the water made him feel calm. Yes, that was the word. So he sat down by the pool, gazing into nothing, while in his head, he was silently wondering what the heck he was going to do next.
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