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kissingcousins's Journal

HMS Awkward Fluff
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Welcome aboard the HMS Awkward Fluff!

This community is for the newest ship at Hogwarts: The Next Generation. The ship is for Alphonsine Claris/Faiz Claris.

And if you know anything about the harry potter books you'll realise that this kind of ship isn't all that...well disturbing. Heck most of use in the rpg don't find it that disturbing.

Anyway I say welcome again and let's hope you enjoy the ride.

Your Captain, Celebren.

The Ship's Official Word Is: Disturbing.

The Crew of the HMS Awkward Fluff

Captain - Celebren
Co-Captain - Alya
Officially Disturbed First Mate - Missy
Official Cake Maker - Moony
Official Promoter - Andie

will update soon...